Interview with Confabulation Magazine

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1.Chengdu, where you grew up in is very near tibet and we can see a strong influence of Buddhist teaching and Nature in your works. Soon after relocating to Singapore, you presented your Tibetan series which kickstart your artistic practice and this led to a few other series that were conceived and put together into various solo exhibitions. Tell us more about the beginning.

2.What is your motivation for painting

3. You have a very unique style of painting that is very distinctive and characteristic of your works and gives an illusion of a very textured surface on the canvas but there is no 3-dimensional buildup with the paint. Tell us how that came about.

4.You recommend that the viewer look at your series of paintings from three different levels of context, ascending the ladder of understanding aesthetically, socially and spiritually. What does it mean to look at your works spiritually.

5.I am intrigued about the influences Chinese painting has on you and what you choose to take away from it and apply to your works in oil.

6Does your travelling overseas and eventually setting up base in Singapore have any impact on your works.

7.There is the mention of the expression of Truth with your works and the meditative ways towards enlightenment. How do you achieve that with your paintings.